Local And Imported Services

Above ground storage tanks

Online inspection

  • TANKPAC™ - a maintenance planning and sorting tool for above ground storage tanks
  • TA-LRUT™ - tank annular inspection using a long range ultrasonic inspection technique
  • Automated UT - B/C Scan - crawler which allows for millions of ultrasonic thickness measurements to be taken on the tank shell and roof allowing for corrosion mapping
  • API653 - full external API653 inspection
  • E.O.D.R - is a rapid vertical, horizontal and spherical storage tank calibration and settlement inspection method which conforms to ISO standards. Online tank settlement covers shell roundness, shell verticality, edge settlement, rigid tilt and differential settlement overlooked by other tank inspections

Offline inspection

  • Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)
  • Vacuum box
  • Automated UT – B/C Scan
  • Manual UT
  • API653
  • E.O.D.R

Spheres, bullets, pressure vessels & gas cylinders


  • MONPAC™ - in-service testing of spheres, cryogenic tank walls and stainless steel plant
  • FRP/GRP vessels and pipelines - acoustic emission test method is designed to detect defects and damage in metal and composite equipment
  • IRT Sphere Leg Test – active corrosion detection underneath fire protection
  • Automated UT - B/C Scan – B/C Scan UT thickness information on the shells of the vessels
  • Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) - acoustic emission technique able detect the early stages of stress corrosion cracking

Pipe lines and tube inspection

  • Acoustic Emission - leak and crack propagation detection on critical pipelines
  • Dolphin G3 / Duet Tube Inspection - non-invasive inner tube material inspection solution for tubes
  • Automated UT - B/C Scan - crawler which allows for up to millions of ultrasonic thickness measurements to be taken
  • PEC (Pulsed Eddy Current) - can help to detect hidden corrosion before it becomes a potentially expensive and hazardous problem
  • Guided Wave Ultrasonic  (GUL) - large sections of piping can be inspected rapidly and safely
  • API570 - complete API570 inspection

Permanent online monitoring (acoustic emission)

  • Structural monitoring –monitoring bridges, offshore platforms, pressure vessels and pipelines etc. Structural monitoring and materials testing applications and techniques which include, steel structures, concrete structures and wire break monitoring

Other inspections

  • Power transformers
  • Traditional NDT - liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing and visual testing
  • Infrared camera inspection
  • Remote HD camera inspection

Imported services

Mistras group limited

(minimum 8 - 12 weeks lead time required)

  • Asset integrity management – offers an independent assessment of an owner/user’s program condition, utilising a state of the art gap analysis methodology. Deficiencies inhibiting a company’s asset integrity program are identified and corrective measures are recommended.
    Key benefits
  • Lowered risk to operating equipment
  • More reliable equipment
  • Reduced emergency down time and repair
  • Increased plant up time and production based on equipment reliability · maintenance cost reduction
  • “peace of mind”
  • Aims - incorporates engineering, mechanical integrity, risk based inspection, Plant Condition Management Software (PCMS), fitness for service, fixed equipment mechanical engineering, piping integrity, instrumentation and electrical engineering, materials and quality engineering and welding engineers
  • Digital radiography – captured images can be digitally enhanced for increased details, there are various methods CR (Computed Radiography), RTR (Real-Time Radiography), DR (Direct Radiography) and CT (Computed Tomography)
  • Alternating current field measurement – used to identify and size surface breaking cracks in metal components used successfully on process piping
  • Eddy current – sensitive to small cracks and defects, it detects surface and near surface defects. The results are immediate
  • Guided wave ultrasonic – utilised for the rapid scanning of large volume piping systems. Best used as a screening tool
  • Heat exchanger and condenser services – a variety of inspection techniques are used for bundle inspections depending on tube material type. The techniques used are iris, remote field eddy current, near field eddy current and standard eddy currant
  • Phased Array – applications include angle beam inspection (primarily for weld inspection) and time of flight diffraction (TOFD)
  • P-Scan – automated raster scanning mode or semi-automatic manual scanning mode utilised for highly accurate location and sizing of defects
  • Visual inspection – a partial list of these:
  • API653 (above ground storage tanks), API510 (pressure vessel), API570 (piping), API579 (fitness for service), API580 (risk based inspection),
  • API936 (refractory inspection)
  • Certified weld inspectors
  • ANSI – mechanical, electrical, instrument and control, visual, civil and receipt inspection
  • Traditional NDT – liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing and visual testing
  • Rotating equipment - predictive and proactive maintenance programs – a few approaches include:
  • on line vibration monitoring
  • walk around vibration monitoring
  • advanced vibration diagnostics
  • field balancing services
  • infrared thermography services
  • lube oil and grease analysis
  • ultrasonic lubrication and leak detection
  • root cause engineering analysis
  • Laser shaft alignment
  • installation of permanent online vibration monitoring systems
  • Refractory inspection – with hands on experience of design, installation, troubleshooting, problem solving of all types of refractory lining systems, specialising in refractory systems evaluations, detailed design review, job scope preparation and refractory product recommendations.