Quality Statement

The quality of work executed by SSASI shall be of the highest standard obtainable in the industry. Quality planning and delivery shall be the responsibility of the highest level of management and decision making and liability for sub – standard work shall be clearly apportioned. In view of the hazardous work environment, quality and safety shall be made an integral part of daily business, to the full satisfaction and acceptability of the client. It is the policy of SSASI to request and accept input from clients for a particular job in order to formulate a complete and hazard free quality plan.


We, the management team and employees of SSASI, will promote sustainable growth in the interest of all our stakeholders, including the community and our customers. We have accepted quality as a way of life that will enable us to pro-actively add value to the business. SSASI management is committed to the principle of continual improvement and will ensure that this policy is implemented at all levels throughout this company. SSASI, in its quest to attain a satisfied customer base and a reputation to build on to that base, has, through its Top Management, committed the company to a Quality Management System that complies with the minimum requirements of ISO 9001:2008. It is our policy to satisfy customer requirements, whilst complying with any regulatory requirements that may be applicable to our business. We are committed to continual improvement of services and processes through the use of analysis of data (factual decision making) and the Quality Management System based upon the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Quality Objectives

  • Continually improve the quality of the service (training of personnel; time to perform activity)
  • Ensure the service meets or exceeds customer requirements
  • Deliver the service on time as per customer requirements; and
  • To maintain ISO9001:2008 certification