Civil Structures

MISTRAS has been testing bridge structures for over 20 years throughout Europe, the USA and rest of the world.

In the UK, MISTRAS is working with the Highways Agency, civil engineering consultants and contractors maintaining infrastructure to provide a wide range of structural monitoring and materials testing applications and techniques which includes:

  • Steel Structures
  • Concrete Structures
  • Wire Break Monitoring


Often failure of one critical pipeline is enough to shut down an entire plant. Such pipelines can be regularly permanently monitored using Acoustic Emission for propagating cracks/ defects and leaks. Lines may be monitored after integrity concerns have been raised, allowing repairs to be undertaken during a scheduled shutdown opposed to an emergency shutdown.

Structural Monitoring

Areas that are difficult to access and inspect can be effectively monitored for crack initiation and growth by using acoustic emission (AE) technology.

For structures loaded randomly such as offshore platforms, continuous monitoring is necessary. In addition to AE, the acquisition of dynamic strain data gives essential information on structural behaviour, helps with life prediction, and aids analysis when cracking is suspected.

MISTRAS GROUP structural monitoring expertise includes both metals, and reinforced concrete, and applications as diverse as offshore platforms, bridges, nuclear reactors, and process plants.