MONPAC™ was developed between Physical Acoustics Corporation and the Montsanto Chemical Company over many years and from more than 2000 tests on metal process industrial equipment. It became the de-facto industrial standard (IChem.E International Process safety Group) for in-service testing of LPG spheres, cryogenic tank walls and stainless steel plant and is used by the oil and process industry world-wide.

Additions to the procedure and analysis based on Physical Acoustics’ experience and software led to the IPAC test. The method provides the following benefits:

  • On-stream test (no need to remove product);
  • 100% volumetric test for developing defects;
  • Identification of flaws that only develop during operation;
  • Rapid testing (15m sphere in 4 days); Identification of spheres that need inspection and repair, leaving good spheres on-line and saving on shut down costs.

Download Brochures for MONPAC™ (PDF)