SSASI Safety, Health & Environmental Policy

SSA Acoustic and Specialised Inspections (Pty) Ltd (hereinafter SASSI) has adopted a proactive approach towards health, safety and the environment and is committed to the on-going implementation of systems to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees.

SSASI is committed to the implementation and conformance to an integrated SHE management system; and in line with this SSASI will:

  • Comply with statutory legislation, by-laws and other requirements;
  • Promote the principles of healthy and safe working practices through training and awareness programmes;
  • Commit to the prevention of injuries, ill health and pollution;
  • Identify all hazards and risks and effectively manage these thereby preventing all forms of incidents, accidents and pollution within the company’s control;
  • Reduce the use of natural resources and promote waste management;
  • Establish the requisite emergency procedures to deal with SHE issues;
  • Promote SHE awareness amongst the companies contractors, visitors, suppliers and customers;
  • Ensure on going conformance and continual improvement through internal audits and by setting objectives and targets.